Our Survey & Mapping services include:

  • Capturing precise georeferenced imagery and highly accurate orthophotos.
  • Creating customized 2-D Maps and 3-D digital elevation models.
  • GCP Installation and Base-line Processing
  • Providing scheduled and on-demand aerial data collection to assist in processes such as terrain mapping, site planning, stock-pile volume measurement, & more.
  • Automating the survey process with pre-defined missions and flight plans.
  • Photogrammetry & Feature Extraction services

We are uniquely positioned as one of the only Indian Drone Companies that offers:

  • Drone Data acquisition through our own fleet of self-manufactured Multirotor & Hybrid VTOL Drones
  • A team of 100+ DGCA-certified Drone Pilots and Co-Pilots trained under our own RPTO, to execute large-scale mapping projects
  • In-house Data Post-Processing and Analytics team consisting of GIS experts and survey professionals.

For survey-related requirements, kindly send us your inquiry at